February 21, 2024

Internal and External Scaffolding to Assist Lidl's Brand Expansion

A Metro Contracting branded van sits outside a school building in the sunshine. The school building is clearly in two different distinctive styles, where the original building was extended.

When Lidl were expanding their brand within Bromley, South London, they needed a local scaffolding provider to help deliver the projects safely and on time.

We worked with the Supermarket to help them repurpose an existing structure into a new location, and to help them with major works on a second location.

Lidl's have been one of the fastest growing food retailers in the UK, with over 700 stores by the time they reached Bromley. They're achieving this massive market invasion "the German way: High standards, strict processes, short programmes, and a work ethic that isn't matched by the majority of the UK's workforce".

Delivering massive builds, regeneration projects and retrofits, fast, requires some key parts: 

  • High quality equipment
  • Detailed planning
  • Stakeholders who share the same drive.

Scaffolding – and a good scaffolding company – can be a tool to help with fast delivery of these projects.

Scaffolding as an efficiency tool

Scaffolding can be utilised to help increase the speed of workers on a construction project. Careful planning, aligned with the project plans as well as the available space, aids the workflow between multiple tradespeople, allowing them to work simultaneously, but safely. Thoughtful design enables: 

  • Efficient access

Well-designed scaffolding doesn't just enable access to works at height, but also ensures that entry ways and common-sense paths to working areas are left unobstructed, and to consider the needs of the equipment in the design of the structures.

  • Optimised workflows

By minimising unnecessary navigation around a site, scaffolding helps individual construction tasks to be completed, quicker.

  • Material storage and handling

With consideration paid to the materials and equipment that workers will need, and when/where they will need it, these can be stored close to the working areas to reduce the time spent transporting materials around site.

  • Adaptability

Many construction projects encounter unforeseen challenges. A well-designed scaffolding system is an adaptable and easily modifiable scaffolding system, allowing flexibility to accommodate changes to plans.

  • Quality assurance

Good construction project managers don't leave QA until the end. Effective use of scaffolding enables QA to be completed as the tasks are finished, enabling timely snagging and fixes.

Scaffolding for Lidl's Bromley

When expanding their presence into Burnt Ash Lane in Bromley, Lidl's made the decision to adapt an existing structure to fit their store, instead of building a new structure. This approach can allow development companies to:

  • Save on building costs
  • Keep in line with local planning laws and building regulations
  • Account for environmental concerns
  • Complete projects faster.

Metro Scaffolding provided both internal and external scaffolding for this redevelopment.

Scaffolding inside the existing structure at Burnt Ash Lane provided safe access for tradespeople to: 

  • Perform structural repairs
  • Paint and plaster
  • Install electrical, lighting and HVAC systems.

A selection of drains sit flush with the rest of the playground's tarmac

Scaffolding helps keep roof repair costs down

Following our work with the Supermarket in Bromley, we provided further internal scaffolding to their existing store in Cricklewood. The store was already open and functioning when the roof was condemned, rendering the building unsafe. This can happen to structures that are poorly maintained. This can be caused by a breakdown of waterproofing, the age of the roof, UV exposure, as well as storm or environmental damage.

Instead of fitting a new roof, it was more economical for Lidl's to opt for roof repair work instead. Metro Scaffolding fitted an intricate scaffolding structure to support every part of the roof, enabling steel roof enforcement.

A short, orange brick building has two windows. The windows have a thick steel mesh fitted over the top.

Other uses for interior scaffolding in supermarkets

Scaffolding is also used by supermarkets to support: 

  • Lighting replacements
  • Installation of signage
  • Provide routine maintenance and repairs to HVAC systems
  • Fit lift shafts and to provide maintenance within the lift shafts.
The front entrance to the school is a blue door. In this image, the door is open and bordered with white finger guards. Red steps lead up to the blue door.

Do you have a commercial project in need of exterior or interior scaffolding? With over 30 years' experience, we're experts at providing safe access for construction and maintenance.

The photo collage shows two sets of stainless steel water fountains. All four water fountains are fitted against brick walls, have long taps to allow bottles to access the tap easily, and have round basins so no sharp edges to hurt fingers.
The photo collage shows two pictures side by side. On the left side is a picture of a small room. At the end of this small, narrow room sits a new window. It is single pane to keep in the style of the existing building windows, and features three narrow pains on top of one another. The right side shows a blue internal fire door. Another pane of glass has been fitted within the door. It is a blurred glass with a wooden trim.
This bathroom has white walls and blue cubicle doors. Above the doors, new cieling tiles have been fitted. They are large, white squares.
This photo collage shows the same door. In the left side, the door is open and pictured from the side, showing where the edge of the door has been filed down. The filed part of the door is unpainted. The right side of the collage shows the blue door shut flush with the frame.
This photo collage shows two sets of different sinks. The left side of the collage shows white, round, porcelain bathroom sinks set into a blue counter. Red soap dispensers line the walls above the sinks. On the right side, aa stainless steel, long and rectangular sink
Metro's favicon is the 'M' initial in a soft, rounded sans-serif font

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