March 4, 2024

Providing Budget-Friendly Works at Height for Waterproofing an External Lift Shaft

A Metro Contracting branded van sits outside a school building in the sunshine. The school building is clearly in two different distinctive styles, where the original building was extended.

When we were asked to waterproof an external lift shaft, stretching over 100 metres high, for The Nethern Water Tower in Coulsdon, Surrey, we faced a significant challenge: Directors of the building did not want to use scaffolding.

Built between 1903 and 1905 as part of Netherne Asylum, the Water Tower was converted into housing around 2009. At this time, the architects installed a unique lift. Unlike conventional elevators, the lift is on the outside.

Whilst an external lift enables inhabitants and guests of The Tower to take in its amazing view – spanning over 180 acres of Greenbelt – an external lift shaft faces a range of weather-related vulnerabilities

Though incidents and fatalities related to lifts are rare occurrences, failures of lifts can be disruptive and dangerous. It is just as important to abide by the Health & Safety Executive Passenger Lifts guidance and the Lift Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 act.

Under these guidances, the lift owner – usually the freeholder, landlord or property management company - has a legal responsibility to ensure that the lift is thoroughly examined and safe to use.

Weatherproofing is a vital consideration for both installation and maintenance for external lifts and lift shafts.

However, weatherproofing a lift shaft that measures over 100 metres is no easy feat. Scaffolding, whilst having many merits, can quickly add up in cost. At over 100 metres high and extending over eight floors, the scaffolding structure would've been complex, timely to erect and dismantle, and expensive for leaseholders.

Our team devised an effective solution: Utilising a tall cherry picker (also known as a boom lift or an access platform) we could apply a [specific weatherproofing method] to every appropriate part of the external lift shaft.

A selection of drains sit flush with the rest of the playground's tarmac

As a result, we were able to apply the waterproofing within one day, with minimal disruption to the development's residents, whilst keeping costs minimal.

A short, orange brick building has two windows. The windows have a thick steel mesh fitted over the top.
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The front entrance to the school is a blue door. In this image, the door is open and bordered with white finger guards. Red steps lead up to the blue door.
The photo collage shows two sets of stainless steel water fountains. All four water fountains are fitted against brick walls, have long taps to allow bottles to access the tap easily, and have round basins so no sharp edges to hurt fingers.
The photo collage shows two pictures side by side. On the left side is a picture of a small room. At the end of this small, narrow room sits a new window. It is single pane to keep in the style of the existing building windows, and features three narrow pains on top of one another. The right side shows a blue internal fire door. Another pane of glass has been fitted within the door. It is a blurred glass with a wooden trim.
This bathroom has white walls and blue cubicle doors. Above the doors, new cieling tiles have been fitted. They are large, white squares.
This photo collage shows the same door. In the left side, the door is open and pictured from the side, showing where the edge of the door has been filed down. The filed part of the door is unpainted. The right side of the collage shows the blue door shut flush with the frame.
This photo collage shows two sets of different sinks. The left side of the collage shows white, round, porcelain bathroom sinks set into a blue counter. Red soap dispensers line the walls above the sinks. On the right side, aa stainless steel, long and rectangular sink
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